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Seaside Lovers - Melissa Foster

Seaside Lovers is a nice addition to the Seaside series. The book is a sweet and loving read.

I enjoyed the characters. Grayson seems like the perfect book boyfriend. He's caring, supportive, and willing to take charge. Without him, Parker may not have the courage to do some of the harder tasks that came about after Bert passed away. Grayson is there to help encourage Parker to step out of her comfort zone.

Parker is a rule-following good girl. She cares about her image to avoid negative press. Being an actress and in the public eye can be challenging. I could tell Parker cares about other people. She dedicated herself to seek out Bert's brother, Abe, after Bert passed away. There were times I wanted to shake Parker because she was more concerned about what others would see rather than doing what she truly wanted. At times, it seems like Parker is living in a role of America's Sweetheart and not her actual life.

I did find myself wishing that more would have been mentioned about Bert or more interaction with Abe.

Overall, I loved seeing how the characters grow and the surprised they learn throughout the book.

I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.