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Tru Blue - Melissa Foster

I had high expectations for the Tru Blue novel from Melissa Foster, and it was even better than I expected!!

The settings are well described in this book. I found it easy to picture where the characters are and what it is like. The details given about the Truman's art on the cars are very vivid. It made me wish I could see it in person.

The depth of the characters helps make this novel so great. The characters background stories helps make the reader understand who these characters are and why they've make the choices they do.

Truman's life was turned into a mess thanks to his mother, yet he makes the most of what he can. He is incredibly loyal and dedicated to his siblings, even if that means putting himself on the line to help save them. I love how much Truman cares about his siblings, friends, and Gemma. Even with the darkness of his past, Truman makes a perfect book boyfriend.

Gemma is so kind and loving, especially when it comes to Truman's siblings. I enjoy how pushy and bossy she can be when she wants something. She helps ground and balance Truman. The way Gemma's past is described makes me appreciate the way I grew up and how much my family cared. Although, I do wish there was more interaction between Gemma and her stepfather. The story left me curious as to how he truly is, especially with how their interaction is towards the end of the book.

Even the secondary characters are fantastic. I love the Whiskey family. I'm so excited that Bear Whiskey is getting a story!

I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.