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Wild Boys After Dark: Cooper - Melissa Foster

Cooper's story in Wild Boys After Dark series is my favorite out of the four. I love Cooper and Cici's connection and attraction. During the entire story, I found myself routing for them to work out any issues they were facing. I wanted those two to be together and stay that way.

Cooper suffered a major loss with his dad. I enjoyed reading how excited Cooper was with Cici and wanting to share the news of her with his family, but all that was gone when Cooper learned about what happened to his father. Cooper lost himself in anger. He didn't want Cici around his anger. Time can help heal wounds, but could too much time cause irreversible damage to a connection that quick and powerful?

Cici has a lot to risk with the possibility of running into Cooper again. As much as she'd like to tell herself she's over him, a connection like they had is hard to move passed. Now she's not just risk losing herself. She has her daughter to think about it.

There's only one thing I wanted with this story, I wanted more. I wanted to read or know more about what happened right after Cooper met Cici's daughter. I wanted to see how their relationship would grow and how introducing her to Cooper's family would have gone.

I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.