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Wild Boys After Dark: Heath - Melissa Foster

The world is smaller and more connected than one would think.


Heath Wild would always keep his one-night stands and hook-ups out of the city. He'd only let himself loose while at conferences in other cities. Health comes across Ally, who is volunteering at one. After a night together, Health can't get Ally out of his mind. He wants more.


Ally is cautious when it comes to doctors. She's used to working with them and how many of the doctors act. Getting close to a doctor makes her nervous, yet there's something about Heath that's addicting to her.


As luck would turn out, they're from the same city. Even weirder, it turns out they work in the same hospital.


Things heat up quickly between the two. Neither seems to want to be away from each other for long, yet there's insecurities and trust issues from their past that makes them worry with how quickly their relationship is moving. Both had been cheated on in the past.


I loved seeing how their relationship grew and how well they would communicate. Heath is like the perfect book boyfriend with how well he can communicate and how loyal he is to his family.


This book in the series isn't as action packed as Logan's story, yet the story is just as interesting and fun to read. The way the story progresses fits so well for both Ally and Heath's personalities. Heath and Ally are very relatable characters.


I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.