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A Pet for Christmas

A Pet for Christmas (Sweet Holiday Romance) (A Veteran's Christmas Book 2) - Rachelle Ayala

A Pet for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala is an emotional ride. There are moments it made me tear up or fear for the main characters. It's a sequel to A Father for Christmas, which is where one meets Kelly, Tyler, and Bree.


Kelly has been a single mother of Bree for many years. She's not one who willing and quickly admits when she needs help. She's too independent for her own good. Getting used to depending on someone else is hard for her. She's not the greatest at vocalizing her needs to Tyler, who she claims to be her fiance to her family, when her pregnancy starts to get rocky.


Tyler had once been a homeless veteran. With his new career, Tyler's focus is getting spread out far and thin. His traveling and PTSD from the war is causing insecurities for Kelly and Tyler in their relationship.


Bree is one an absolute adorable little girl. Her honesty and innocent questions kept making me laugh. She's a very determined and persistent child. With a little brother on the way, Bree is starting to feel left out. She wants her real father around, not just Tyler. If she can't get her real father, she's willing to settle for a pet of her choice. As time goes on, Bree grows to find what's more important to her, a puppy, her real father, or Tyler.


When Tyler's work get attacked in Afghanistan, I feared for him. I couldn't imagine what Kelly and Bree was going through with not hearing news about his whereabouts for the longest time.


The story kept my interest the entire time. The whole time I wanted to know how Tyler handles becoming a hostage and how Kelly handles not having him near. I kept wanting the best for them and for them to get past their insecurities with their relationship if they were to be reunited.


I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.